It is faster, easier, and more secure!

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When connecting via SSH (Secure Socket Shell) you can authenticate in different ways. There is, of course, the standard and always reliable username and password. However, you can also authenticate using key-based authentication, which is safer, quicker, more reliable, and all in all the better option.

connecting with a key-based…

Including those Font Awesome icons somehow

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Custom fonts can be used for much more than just styling text. Let’s take, for example, one of the most popular fonts for including custom icons.

Font Awesome is … well… awesome. It opens a whole new world for developers where they can build a decent-looking web application without being…

Styling CSS without SCSS

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With web applications increasingly gaining importance and slowly replacing all desktop applications (we all know it to be true, do not fight the future) styling and theming web applications becomes more and more important.

And since they are now supported by all major browsers, CSS variables became an important tool…

Isolate Your Code in Style

Lately, I had to work increasingly on modular projects, and in the process, I discovered a nifty new little thing called CSS modules. Ok, to be perfectly honest, they are not as new as one would expect, but they were new to me.

In this short article, I am going…

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